pet behavioral training

pet behavioral training

Let Us Train Your Pet at Our Miami Resort

Is your pet in need of behavioral training, but you just don’t have time? Let them learn from one of our talented trainers at Miami’s Woodland Lodge Pet Resort. We offer “Train While Boarding” programs which allow our trainer to work with your pet on behavioral issues while they stay at our luxury resort. There are different types of training packages we offer that address different pet behavior issues like obedience and aggression. With our “Train While Boarding” programs, our trainer can create a great foundation that you can build on later with your pet.


You can choose to have your pet trained privately or in a group, and depending on how long your pet will stay with us, we offer our training programs in packages or single sessions. We also offer private training lessons, separate from boarding, in the afternoon and evening.

Benefits of Training Your Pet

At Miami’s Woodland Lodge Pet Resort, we believe there are many benefits that come from having a well-trained pet, including:

  • Training your pet provides them with basic good manners.
  • Training allows your pet to safely socialize with other animals as well as people.
  • One of the main reasons pets are abandoned or given to shelters is because of behavioral issues. Training ensures that your pet will stay with you as a trusted companion.
  • Training your pet shows them who’s boss: you.
  • Training your pet reduces the cost of owning a pet in the long run. No more chewed up shoes, urine on carpets, ruined flower beds, etc.
  • Training your pet improves the overall quality of life in your home.
  • Training can benefit a pet no matter their age or breed. It also breaks stereotypes associated with certain breeds that are supposedly more aggressive or ill-behaved.

Learn More About Our Pet Training Programs

If you’re interested in having your pet take part in our “Train While Boarding” programs or private lessons at Miami’s Woodland Lodge Pet Resort, and you want more information, please feel free to contact us. We would be happy to answer any questions, and address any concerns you have.