Cat Accommodations

Cat Accommodations

Cats have their own room away from the dogs. We are proud to feature the most luxuriously-spaced cat condos in all of Miami. Our cat accommodations feature a large resort room with multiple perches where cats can climb up high and look out the window.

We also offer cat “wubba” catnip treats for them to play with and chew on as well as daily dental treats.

kitty perching

Take a look at what is included in our cat rooms:

Cat Condo Suite



  • Spacious condo with perch
  • Window for cat to look outside

*There is an additional $12 per night fee that is added to resort suite costs if you board your pet during a major holiday.

If you travel often, then a resort room at Miami’s Woodland Lodge Pet Resort is perfect for you and your cat. With professional on-site petcare, there is no reason to leave your best friend at home. You can even decorate your cat’s suite so they can feel right at home. Contact our manager to learn more about our famous feline resort rooms.

Book Your Pet’s Vacation with Us Today!

If you’re planning a vacation for yourself, let your pet have his own vacation with us at Miami’s Woodland Lodge Pet Resort. Our well-trained staff will do all they can to meet your cat’s needs and to exceed your expectations. If you would like more information regarding our accommodations, or if you’re interested in booking a stay for your pet, please contact us today. We’re looking forward to giving your pet an incredible experience!